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About Us

Shield Technology Programs  is a consulting technology and innovation firm focused on cyber security. We define success as achieving exceptional results that have a lasting impact on business and individuals worldwide.


We have certified engineers specialized in Cyber Security, Network and Technology Services, Corporate echnical Support, GPS Tracking Systems, Cloud Computing Solutions, Visualizations, Web Development, ERP Solutions, Microsoft Solutions, & Video Security and Survilance Solutions


Shield Technology pursues a single goal - To empower and protect  the enterprise with continuous security assurance for the people and the system that we have been entrusted with.


Letter From CEO



Shield Technology has undergone a remarkable evolution in the past years as we’ve pursued our vision to become leading in Digital Transformation for our client
But one of the most profound changes and challenges over this time has been the richer understanding of and deeper commitment to sustainability that has come into focus as we have refined our views of what it means to be a leader.


We are working in an environment that is positive, challenging, respectful, ethical, rewarding, educational, motivational, and service-oriented. Our employees are fully supported with processes, infrastructure, and opportunities to tackle the toughest private sector security and privacy challenges. We thrive on solving problems and keeping our clients secure, safe, and private.


We become close partners with our clients and build with them long time relation as we work their challenges to a successful conclusion. Some only require us for a short period to tackle an acute issue – only to come back months later when another challenge surfaces.
Other clients have been with us for years.

Saade Alkhoury

Founder, CIO/CEO