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Shield Technology Programs
Cyber Security & IT Consulting Firm
Security training is a must to protect your business from security breaches as technology evolves
Shield Technology Programs
Cyber Security & IT Consulting Firm
Security training is a must to protect your business from security breaches as technology evolves
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Shield Technology

An IT service designed and delivered well brings growth, profit and competitive advantage.Most Professional Cyber Security Companies
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We thrive to be a leader in corporate technical support. With client satisfaction being our objective, we are always reachable for a helping hand.

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At Shield Technology, We offer full Security Services & Technology!

Whether you are equipped with a solo computer in your enterprise or several hundreds of them at your workplace. We can offer comprehensive solutions that you need to operate your business with the highest-possible network uptime and efficiency. We define success as achieving exceptional results that have a lasting impact on business and individuals worldwide.

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Our Categories

IT Support

Shield Technology is a help desk provider intended to provide the customer with support related to the client's requirements. We troubleshoot problems such as network, configuration, or software.

Fleet Management

For a fleet manager, time is money. Fleet management software solutions can automate a lot of the tasks you're used to doing manually. By automating repetitive tasks, you can reduce operating costs, and get time back to focus on growing the business.

Website & Mobile Application Development

Our prompt response customer support handles all types of network concerns professionally. We believe in surpassing customer expectations through our range of premium services. As the most reputable cyber security company in Qatar, we can design your network to keep them prepared for future growth. We have a professional team of Web & Mobile application developers (both frontend and backend) to be able to correspond effectively to our client’s needs.

Network Infrastructure

This is the physical hardware/software, transmission media, and software used to interconnect computers and users on the Internet. Internet infrastructure is responsible for hosting, storing, processing, and serving the information.

ERP Solution

Odoo, the world’s most popular ERP software, is an open-source application suite for your business needs. It offers Accounting, Sales, CRM, eCommerce, Manufacturing, Inventory, HR, and many other modules. By our professional team of developers, you can connect your business centrally through our ERP Solution.


We are also experts in performing troubleshooting various network problems to offer a complete resolution. To get a better insight into how we work to provide you strongest protection from cyber attacks, call us today. We are experts in time lapse projects. Our experience enables us to work independently on all aspects of the production, ensuring smooth implementation lightening the load for site and project managers. We handle all camera positioning and installation solutions along with the needed software and tools to create your own timelapse for your projects.

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Shield Technology has expertise in building and delivering network solutions for hundreds of enterprises, serving small offices up to medium and enterprise level, being one of the first IT Network Solutions Providers in Qatar.

The network solutions team at Shield Technology in Qatar has a strong track record of providing dependable and affordable intranet and internet networking solutions that help businesses run smoothly.

Cyber dangers have evolved and increased in sophistication as society becomes more dependent on technology. Our business recognizes the value of safeguarding your confidential data and information, which is why we provide a wide range of services to protect your systems and networks.

Our team of specialists comprises experts who are adept at spotting possible security issues and creating tailored solutions to minimize them. To keep your company safe from cyber attacks, we believe in remaining one step ahead of the curve by using the newest technology and commercially recommended practices.

We are a Cyber Security Company in Qatar offering complete network security solutions to shield the information in your company against hacker assaults and illegal access. Our incident response team is on call 24/7 to respond quickly and efficiently in the event of a security breach. To ensure that your staff is prepared to recognize and respond to any security risks, we teach them cybersecurity best practices.